Emerge anew, behold yourself in the radiance of God's mercy—an inspiring journey of transformation awaits.

Sundays @ 1:30pm (In-Person & Online) | Wednesdays @7:15pm (Online)

New Sermon Series
Reconstructing Faith

"Reconstructing Faith" series offers hope to believers and seekers struggling with doubts by encouraging them to separate the truth of Jesus from broken systems, lean on foundational truths, and persevere with the help of a gracious God and loving community. We don’t have to have all the answers to find hope and peace in a God who is always rooting for us.

Our Church

We are a nondenominational church located in the heart of Berkeley and a place interwoven with stories. Because of Christ, we embody a story of truth and transformation. 

We are a church where people from all walks of life gather to experience Jesus together.

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