Emerge anew, behold yourself in the radiance of God's mercy—an inspiring journey of transformation awaits.

Sundays @ 1:30pm (In-Person & Online) | Wednesdays @7:15pm (Online)

New Series: The 90s
Exploring the Book of Psalms

Join us for "The 90s," a new sermon series that brings life to Psalms 90-99 in a fresh and relevant way, unveiling powerful insights on finding stability in chaos, trusting in God's divine protection, and living a life of gratitude and worship. Each week, a different psalm will be explored, discovering how these ancient songs speak to our challenges and aspirations. Whether seeking comfort, inspiration, or a deeper connection with God and community, this series is for you.

Our Church

We are a nondenominational church located in the heart of Berkeley and a place interwoven with stories. Because of Christ, we embody a story of truth and transformation. 

We are a church where people from all walks of life gather to experience Jesus together.

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